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Kathi's Visualizations

In this section, I offer you some imageries of mine that might be helpful or soothing. Currently, these visualizations are in written text, but I hope to someday put them into audio files so you can listen to them. We'll see. - Kathi

Rainbow Visualization

Introduction: This visualization was inspired by a real rainbow experience I had while remembering my dear senior friend Eve. Eve had always promised certain friends that, if it were possible, she would send them a sign from the beyond. One of her favorite symbols was the rainbow.

Prepare yourself for an experience of peace and tranquility. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and take a nice deep breath through your nose and hold it for a few seconds… and let it out through your mouth with a sigh. Again, inhale though your nose and let go of the breath with a relaxing sigh. Do this a few times, and each time, let the relaxation that you are beginning to feel grow a little deeper.

Now, begin to imagine a changeable spring day, the kind where the weather can't seem to make up its mind. The sky vacillates between dark clouds with brief showers and warm bright sun peeking out from spots of bright blue sky. Sometimes both things are happening at the same time. There is a sharp clean smell in the air from the negative ions after a good rain. It has brought out the early scents of spring.

You are traveling down a familiar road to meet some friends and have been looking forward to the occasion. As you travel, your mood is pensive as you recall a dearly loved one who has passed away, This might be Ella or it may be someone else who has meant a lot to you. Spend a few moments bringing up some happy memories of time spent with that special person. After the first memory, move onto another and then another. Become aware of how these memories warm your heart center. They also may or may not bring tears of strong emotion, and if that happens, know that this is okay. These tears are the "feel good" kind.

Now shift your focus back to your driving as another shower squall comes up and demands your attention. As the rain lessens to a misty drizzle, notice again the smell of fresh rain cleansing the air. Notice also that ahead there is a rainbow forming. It starts off as a left arc, then fills out to a full arc that deepens into the most glorious rainbow you have ever seen. Each band of color vibrates with intensity. It is so beautifully distracting that you pull over to soak in its beauty as a second full arc rainbow forms itself as a multicolored shadow of the first. Spend a few moments watching these rainbows intensify and then fade away.

As the clouds move swiftly by and your scene returns to your travels, continue on with a full heart and a smile. A little further down the road you see another rainbow forming, and this time, you become aware of how nearby the rainbow seems. It appears that it comes right down into the area and might come to the ground within a few blocks.

You have always heard that there is a "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow and your curiosity grows as you wonder where this rainbow really ends. Since you have extra time before you are to meet your friends, allow yourself to indulge your curiosity and find where this rainbow does truly end. As it looms closer and closer, follow your instinct in turning here and there until you finally turn into a street which ends on a California hillside, sparsely spotted with small oak groves and occasional bushes.

Ahead of you, the rainbow's end hides behind one of these groves. Park your car and walk around the grove as the end of the rainbow comes into view.

Pause in wonder as you realize that the end of the rainbow does indeed come down to ground, completely surrounding a large white cross (feel free to choose another image that represents your belief system). As you take this in, the rainbow once again brightens and adds a second "shadow" rainbow behind it. Allow your heart to again fill with love and direct this love out towards those you care about. When you are ready, head back to your car, intending to share this vision with the friends you are about to meet.

Now, as you allow yourself to return to present day reality, take along with you the warm glow that you have experienced in this visualization. Periodically, allow that warm feeling to well up within you again and send that love towards Ella where ever she is, towards Shannon and Tom, and towards anyone dear to you. Thank you.


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