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Notes from Ella's Grandma Kathi

Dear friends,

During Ella's battle with her cancer, many of you responded to our family's call to put Ella into as positive a light as you could, praying and visualizing her whole and healthy. Sadly, we were not able to pull off the miracle of her survival. Yet your prayers and visualizations were not in vain. They helped sustain us with hope and encouragement during those challenging months. For that we are very grateful.

We composed this section of Ella's Web site in five areas: my thoughts in letter-form to you (this page), my visualizations for everyone, a sampling of your visualizations, a section for prayers with a forum for a spirituality discussion (to be developed), and an animation of a waterfall with butterflies that could serve as a focal point for anyone to visualize, meditate or pray for Ella.

In Your Visualizations, I have extracted many of your visualization entries from the original Carepages. I am reposting some of them because they offer inspiration for us all to use our imaginations in picturing the improvement of some portion of our lives or our loved ones' lives in a positive and healthy way. Let me know if you want to add to this section with fresh inspiration.

In Kathi's Visualizations, I offer you some imageries of mine that might be helpful or soothing. Currently, these visualizations are in written text, but I hope to someday put them into audio files so you can listen to them. We'll see.

In the section entitled Prayer and Spirituality, I wish to offer some prayers and thoughts for discussion regarding honoring our departed loved ones. Our family's support comes from many religious backgrounds and belief systems, so I will approach this topic in a broad way. Since I am not an "expert" in any specific religion, I welcome your contributions to this section to expand upon my own. If you would like me to consider your entry, please email me. At present, this section is a work-in-process and is not yet ready for posting.

In the section Animation: Waterfall & Butterflies, is a peaceful scene of a waterfall with sunbeams and butterflies and birds flying in and out. Feel free to use this to help focus your own visualization, meditation or prayer for Ella.

Again dear friends, thank you all for your ongoing love and support.



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