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In this section , I have extracted many of your visualization entries from the original CarePages. I am reposting some of them because they offer inspiration for us all to use our imaginations in picturing the improvement of some portion of our lives or our loved ones' lives in a positive and healthy way. Let me know if you want to add to this section with fresh inspiration. -Kathi

Hi Ella, first I have to say, I love that all the adults are having a opportunity to re-discover their inner child good:). I will add the songs, hands on painting, and sweet dolls play into the mix.

Here is my playful little girl willing and wanting to play with you.

I see a sweet opening in a meadow for us to walk into, I see a butterfly waiting to take us in. As we walk into the meadow we are each greeted by our very own fairy godmother. There is much love and joy in this meeting. I see that your fairy godmother is taking you to a sweet stream. You follow her along the stream up to it source, a beautiful enchanting pool of clear water. Your fairy godmother, invites you to play in the water, and explore the edges. The sun is bright and the warm, there are lots of flowers... I see that you are a bit tired and she invites you to sit on her lap. She gently lifts you up, and holds you warmly. She see deep into your heart and listens to what you need. She then gently reaching into the pool of water, cupping the water she brings it to each one of your scars.... after this is done, she smiles at you and an ancient one comes forward into this magical and healing place. He is here it to be with you also...

He gently begins to pull and lift out any residue from your body, and he begins to guide your body into restoring it into its natural harmony. Hmmm.....

Love and much playful giggles to you


So that's what I see for you, my dear Ella Bean. You are a chubby little love who laughs at everything and has a deep wisdom to share with all of us. Connection, Love, Growth, Health and Heart abound. Encircled by angels, you are here this round to teach us of faith and creation. It's all happening as it should ...

We were thinking good thoughts for Ella Bella and Jordan said, "That makes me think of butterflies!" So, butterflies it is - wonderful ones all around you, dear Ella Bella, floating on the warm winds of health, healing and love!

Heather, Tom, Jordan & Sawyer

Thank you for sending pictures of Ella, my heart response to you sweet Ella. I feel softness all around you. I wait for you to guide me on what you are needing.... and there it is... I see you sitting with the rocks, in the sweet meadow with your mom. Hmmm the rock people.... they invite you to delight in the energies of the rocks, I see that you are holding rocks, playing, investigating them, wondering about them, showing your mama and dad about them. I see the spirit of the rocks, giving you the needed minerals, energy and aiding in releasing what is to be released to have a healthy vibrate body.... I see the hands of light, holding on the places you guide them too... just holding... mirroring back to your body, it's knowing. I sense this happening softly, gently, knowingly and respectfully. May the fresh air of this rain, bless you all.



I loved your vision. To add validation - Ella is a crystals and rocks child. She has always loved to pick up rocks when rambling around the backyard and neighborhood. Since I am attracted to crystal healing, we have placed your community's blessed rose quartz in the hospital with her and a large hematite (for grounding) and a smoky quartz "village" point(s) (also for grounding). We have given her a bag of various crystals to play with - which she uses as rocks to pour out and put back in - so she is handling the mineral kingdom and they are nurturing her. Her bed is "grounded" with bags of assorted stones/crystals at every corner - to provide a safe and nurturing space where she spends the majority of her time. Selenite is at the top of the bed - so the ethereal community can come when invited. In my home I have created a crystal layout where I have used a picture of Ella and surrounded it with various crystals for her healing. I invite others to do the same, according to their intuition.

I see you all running a marathon. When I run, I breathe easy, it clears my lungs and I feel strong. This is how I see you all together. Holding Ella, supporting Ella, on this marathon path together, and all of us on the sidelines, cheering you on! It is an arduous task, but crossing the finish line will be amazing for your family!

We love you, S,M,J

I also want to share how I'm incorporating "meditation" into my life with Maggie (2 1/2), who I'm usually with at 11:45 when my cell phone alarm goes off to remind me...I'll say "It's time to think about Ella" and Maggie will say "Ella has a blue head and a green body" (I didn't prompt her to say this, I think she picked it up from the healing circle.)And then we talk about inviting Ella to Maggie's 3rd birthday party in August and then going to Ella's 3rd birthday party next year. You are with us in out hearts often. Huge love going your way.

- Jenbo

Hello all you wonderful friends,

I want to pass along a practice (inspired by Shannon) that all of us attending the family have started. Since we are washing our hands so many times a day (as safe practice for Ella's immune system), we are following the guidelines of washing for the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday." Our wrinkle is that we are singing Ella a new "Happy Birthday" each time. Shannon is continuing it until Ella reaches 100 and starting over. Chimene is starting fresh daily and ages Ella at least into her 40's. Would you like to join us in this practice?

- "Grandma" Kathi

Gimme an I
Gimme an M
Gimme another M
Gimme a Unity

What does it spell? Immunity!!!

Put the unity in Immunity
and boost boost boost! Rah Rah Rah and Sis Boom Bah
Community in Unity for Ella Bella

Good white blood cells go!

…So here what I am receiving.... Ella you are surrounding by love, then I see a beautiful green light encapsulating you. This green light is healing energy. I ask what you need at this point.... I see you taking me to the flowers, and show me the orange and white flower we talked about when I saw you. You ask me to go deeper into this flower.... I feel joy and creativity.... you say you are wanting to create.... and you tell me that you can feel that you are changing. I sit with you and you begin to using color crayons and paint... and then I see sharing this picture with everyone :)

I then see you eating lots of colorful food that will help in healing and reconstructing beautiful healthy cells which align with a long vitality. I then see you as a beautiful Teenager.

Much love to you Ella,

your friend Jill

Hi Sweet Ella, Hmmm. Since the last time I saw your dad, I have been thinking about the Moon and sensing her healing energy. Around the moon I see sweet women holding a container for the Moon's energy to come to you :)... Today as I read your personal update I again saw the moon.... It feels like it is saying I am on board, I am here.... I see the moon goddess coming from out of the moon and into your dreamscape to be with you, holding you and guiding healing energy into your field and helping release any Toxins. Just poof gone out of the body. As night fades and the sun rises I see you in the sweet healing rays of the sunlight sitting in the healing green light of the meadow, as you run chasing butterflies filling you body with what is needed. As the cycles of the journey presents themselves, may the moon and her unconditional support be ever present with you.

Tom and Shannon sending you lots of positive, restorative light...

In Joy and light Jill

You all have been in my daily thoughts and prayers and 11:45 am has a new meaning for us. When I visualize Ella healing, I think of a picture I have of Shannon, Chimene, Denis, Ella, and me at my birthday party when she was just 3 months old. She is so new, happy, and healthy and this is how I see her each day in my mind. Ella has supported me (by way of her parents) in all of my big life events over the past few years: my above mentioned birthday celebration, my wedding(s), the birth of my son, etc. My other vision of her is in high school, telling her friends about this experience and how many people came together to support her healing. All three of us are sending our love and support your way.


Laurel, Roland, and Luka

Good morning Ms Ella (and Tom & Shannon),

I was just thinking about you and looked up and saw that it was 11:45 on the nose...so I must be tuning into the world wide Ella visualization hotline. Yum!

Earlier today when I did my morning yoga practice I was on my back, moving my arms over my head and then back down to my side when I felt my breath move from the top of my spine (in the upper neck, at least that is what I think) through each vertebrae down my back. and snap! I thought of you. Next breath: came in the crown of my head and worked it self down my spine and out my gut. and from there it became a meditation on the flow of the treatment through your body and out of it, bringing in needed allies, dispensing unwanted materials and cells, leaving only health and the ability to heal behind. Now I will incorporate this mediation into my daily practice as a way to feel both physically and spiritually connect to you and the treatment process. but I will incorporate some of that love/yum vibe recommended in the visualization that includes wrapping your beauteous and courageous self in the quilt we created for you.

Oh, and apple kitty sends regards and looks forward to snuggling next to you and licking your face at opportune moments!

Jesikah (Thom and Apple)

Tom and Shannon, the last couple of days I have felt Ella and have been asking how I can be of service. Today I received the following.
Ella, I sense the white light of the angels, wrapping their sweet blanket of warm light of love and support around you, I see myself placing my warm hands on your body, to give you support and love, as your body adjusts. I sense the need to hold your emotional body in love and warmth and whisper encouraging words of keeping yourself open and that you are held as you let the waves of the unknowing flow easily through and that you connect clearly to your beautiful healthy body and receive the loving support around you. I see your body restoring itself into it's perfect natural balanced vibrate state.

I sense much love from the sweet guardian angels and bright beautiful warms colors of spring supply their endless bounty of pure Joy :)


Dear Sweet Ella,

I see your beautiful body clear and vital--the only cells present are the strong and healthy ones which provide nutrition and other important functions to the rest of your body. How wonderful!

I can imagine you and Avin exploring outside together. You come back to your mommy and daddy and me to report what you've found out there. We are all so happy to hear about your adventures. We all smile with an incredible sense of joy and wonderment.

We think about you every day and are sending many hugs.

We love you and your family so much.

Aurianne, Adam & Avin

Hi Ella.

I was at Tyler's school today and spent time on the playground during recess. I saw you playing jump rope in the sun with the first grade girls a happy and healthy seven year old. You were jumping, laughing, playing and singing. I look forward to taking your picture when this happens. We Love you and your mommy and daddy!

Auntie Kathy

Little Ella, Just wanted you to know that we are keeping you in our daily prayers. We are praying for no chemo effects on your tiny body and a complete healing. Madison and Lauren are also saying your name in their nightly prayers. You are a strong little girl with so much love surrounding you and your mom and dad.


The Lemmo Family

Dear Ella,
I see you are looking very pretty and healthy today! I planted some sunflowers in our front yard this morning and thought of you. They should be tall and strong (just like you!) when you come home from San Francisco.

When you are home, and when you feel like it, let your mom and dad know when I can make something yummy for you to eat.



We set up some photos of the three of you on our mantle and continue to send healing energy to you throughout our day. I took a bath this morning and visualized Ella bathed in warm healing light. Adios cancer cells...flit, fly, flee.

Hi Guys. Been thinking about you a ton over the past 2 days. Just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts. We're sitting down with the boys later today to get them sending positive and powerful vibes Ella's way. Don't be surprised if a Power Ranger shows up in your mental space. That seems to be the predominant vessel through which evil is thwarted in our house these days. We'll do what we can to ensure it's the pink one (and yes...there is a pink Power Ranger...her name is Jen...who knew?). Anywho. We're with you.


I am putting Ella's picture beside my bed tonight so that she will be the first thing I see when I wake up. I will be praying for her first thing in the morning.

Hi Lovelies-

I still have your Christmas card on our fridge and every day when I walk by it I always imagine wrapping Miss Ella in a lovely pink blanket.

Thinking of you all so much.

--Amy (River Breeze)

Hi Ella,

Did you know that you are wrapped in loving energy and positive thoughts all of the time? Even while you and your parents are sleeping- we are awake here in Europe and send you all our strength. And love is so strong that it reaches you at the other side of our planet easily!!

- Nicola

Somewhere around the time when the circles began forming at the healing circle I began to see Ella dancing around in your backyard. She was laughing, giggling really; it was as though she were chasing bubbles or something. The warm sunlight was coming in over the fence, about 5 pm on a warm fall evening. She must have been 4 or 5; I'm so bad with ages. And as she danced around I could see soft blue light almost emanating from her head, glowing really. She was so happy.

This is my visualization: Ella, Tenaya, Lucy, Isla and Kyla running and crawling naked in the sand, splashing in the crystal clear water, scooping mud into buckets, giggling as their mamas and papas coax them in for a cool dip in the south Yuba this summer. We have to keep smearing sunscreen on those supple little bodies and shifting our shade tarps. Sharing delicacies, and feeling thankful that the worst is over, that we are all there to rejoice in another glorious day, smiling in the south Yuba sunshine.
Boundless love to you, Ella, Shannon, and Tom

from Lillian, Eric and Tenaya

We are seeing you dancing and beaming and growing and thriving. Holding you and your family in our heart and prayers.

Sally & Susan & Ella & Jade Waters

Waldorf is full of all these beautiful, lovely prayers, visualizations and songs. I adapt them to our home life and Joaquim as I see fit. So I've adapted one for Ella and your family. I wrap her in light and sing my little song for her and you both, and light a little candle. The light flickers and dances, and I can see Ella's little 2 year old spirit that flitters around your home and burns brightly!

We love you,

Susan, Manny and Joaquim

80's Hair Metal Visualization
Enter thumping drums and bass followed by an immense guitar power chord!!!
My name is E-L-L-A!!!!!! Yeeeeow!!!!!!!
I want to eat, walk, and run!!!!!!!!!
I beat the stats everyday.uh huh
My name is E-L-L-A!!!! ALRIIIIIGHT!!!!!! I won't sit down I'm gonna fight fight FIIIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Followed by explosions with immense fire Ella stands in Gold Lame blowing kisses to her fans. THANK YOU!!! GOOD NIGHT DAVIS.WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!!! I'm ELLA HINDS and WE ARE..ELLA HINDS & THE CARE UNIT..ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!

...a few of the early bloomers I saw in the foothills today. I'm visualizing you, Shannon, walking with Ella through the blue oak woodland in the early spring, the green grass brushing at her knees, teaching her the name of this flower and that.

I'm thinking of all of you right now and imagining Sienna and Ella in a few years, running around outside and giggling together. Being totally silly. I like to imagine all of us parents being silly again too, running around and the kids jumping all over us. Maybe camping by a river at the end of the day, with our toes in warm sand.

I was walking in the park this morning with Marin envisioning a day when Ella knocks on our door and asks if Marin can come out to play. Ella wants to teach Marin how to shoot baskets. After they return, Marin tells me that Ella has told her what color her aura is. What's an aura daddy?

- Steve

Ella, Shannon, and Tom.
The past few days I have had clear visions of a healthy, happy Ella running in our backyard. She and Mariah are around ages 4 and 5 and they are playing in a little house we will have built them. I am picturing the details, Shannon.


I have been envisioning streams of love coming from all directions and confluencing right on Ella. The streams join and become a mighty, strong, and calm river. The flow is so powerful and smooth that nothing can contain it or hold it back. You are the river, Ella. We send you bountiful love like the clouds send water to the earth.


Shannon and Tom, on the 19th of Feb. Ella came across my mind, I paused and opened my heart to her, asking what she needed, and I received this vision. She was in floating in a sweet place within the unknown; it appeared she was receiving beautiful energy. I then witnessed a circle of Light Beings appear around her at a distance. They felt as if they were offering her support and guidance. To the left a violet light appeared, soft and inviting. She was guided to go through it. It is here I see Shannon bright smile reaching out to welcome her, warm sun light, flowers, a sweet meadow seemed to be the place you were all in. Ella felt to have this great knowing inside of her and how to walk this part of her joinery and I sense Shannon was listening to her and following her guidance. I have checked in with her periodically, she seems so present in her body, and so loved. May the gift of the healing flowers grace her as they offer her their service. May rainbow of gentle colors come to her call and the sweet sounds of the healing angels bless their voice upon her. In awe of the gift of healing she is gracing us all with.... May the loving voices of all be a support to both of you,

In love and gentle light,

Jill, David, Tessa and Teliz,

Ella, I see you as totally healthy, vibrant and laughing. You are bigger than this milestone in your life. Your angel-like energy radiates to all who know you. Thank you for being so full of day of celebration, I see you bathed in radiant light of blue, pink and green. You are whole and healthy; I look forward to hearing the news that you are home, sweet home, soon.


Sue Mullen

Dear Shannon, Tom and Ella, Today Ella shares her birthday with Mardi Gras. Our vision is that one day she'll be riding a float and throwing blue, pink & green beads out to the cheering crowd before her--like the lights encircling her head, heart & body today!

You are such a charming young lady with a great sense for hat fashion and you have the most beautiful smile. We wish you many things to smile about in the coming year. We see you in blue, pink and green and with God walking with you,

your Mom and Dad.

Last night Dylan and I read a story out loud at bedtime for Ella. We decided that each night we will include Ella in our story time. We will bring her into our fantasy realms and journey with her to places that will give her strength, comfort and joy. Today we will celebrate the happiness of her birthday. We will go and find a very soft, pink, and cuddly teddy bear; that Dylan can snuggle with throughout the night and she will be his Ella Bella bear--sharing his dreamy nights with love for Ella.

And I too, will meditate each night before I sleep; sending all of you healthy love, strength and endurance.

We love you. And I can speak from experience... That Miracles do happen when you put your mind to it!

Ella, in my meditations you are bathed in a river of soothing/healing gardenias. Tom and Shannon and Ella, I visualize you embracing one another, wild flowers aglow, encircled and enveloped in a sea of your beloveds, each sending you healing energy, light and love. An interconnected, interdependent web of life, vitality and nourishing vibrations.

- Elise & Dylan

Dearest Ella, Shannon & Tom,

We planted today - and held you all the time in our hearts and in our actions. Each plant was gifted with a prayer for you, Ella. So many prayers: health, love, healing, strength, and support to your mom and dad, and a very fast return to full health and well being for you all.

We've been sending you all pure, white, healing light so that the strength of each color energy will go where its needed. All wrapped up in a soft pink, fuzzy blanket. Our hearts and minds are with you. Ella has tremendous strength.


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